B i o g r a p h y

Freddy Prinze Charming has been entertaining audiences since 2005. He has garnered over three dozen awards and titles, including four-time winner of Echo Magazine's Readers' Choice Award for Outstanding Drag King, as well as state, regional, and national titles. Throughout his tenure, Freddy has produced numerous shows, emceed dozens of events, and has raised thousands of dollars for community organisations and charities. He is the co-host of the Arizona's longest running drag livestream 'Let's Have a Fefe', going into its 11th season in October 2022. 

As well as being passionate about performing, Freddy is also passionate about education and advocacy, and is the co-creator of two presentations: 'How to be a Trans Ally' and 'From Allies to Accomplices: L.E.A.P.ing Into Action'. He is also actively involved in Drag Story Hour and serves on the national board. 


Freddy is a versatile entertainer and makes use of costuming, makeup, prosthetics, and his theatre background to provide audiences with an entertaining experience every time he hits the stage.